1648 – Losers Kiss Ass! – All Girl Tag Team Action!

1648 – Losers Kiss Ass! – All Girl Tag Team Action!

Veterans Jezabel Romo & Mutiny take on new girls Maria and Myleena in a 1648 – Losers Kiss Ass! – All Girl Tag Team Action!

Featuring Jezabel Romo & Mutiny vs Maria & Myleena

1648 – Losers Kiss Ass! – All Girl Tag Team Action! Jezabel and Mutiny are talking about how they rule the mats while waiting for the “new girls” to show up.  Used to being the veterans (and bullies) on the mats, they can’t wait to school these newbies.  Myleena and Maria walk up with an air of confidence that does not sit well with our veterans.  While sizing them up, Jezabel decides to take matters into her own hands and suddenly grabs Myleenas crotch and throwing her to the ground, violating her crotch with knee drops, slaps and punches.  Myleena tries to fought back, but Jezabel continues her .  Jezabel and Mutiny take turns humiliating Myleena by bending her over and smacking her perky little ass!  Ten stepping barefoot onto Myleenas tender vulnerable throat.  Oh My!  But more embarrassing to Myleena is when these 2 bitches decide to start stripping her of her clothing, down to her cute little ba and panty!  Suddenly, Maria has seen too much and decides to take matters into her own hands and charges Jezabel! But our mean girls intend to make Maria pay the same way as Myleena and start tag teaming the poor cute blonde,  But this girl is a fighter and will not make it easy for Jezabel and Mutiny…even suplexing Jezabel and bear hugging Mutiny.  Maria is proving to be almost more than Jezabel and Mutiny can handle!  But our Big Booty Girls are used to fighting to the end and winning by any means necessary!  They finally get the big blonde under control and start to strip her of her clothing, though she did manage to strip down our Booty Bitches out of their shorts as well!  But now the Mean Girls play dirty and make sure that they win this Loser Kisses Ass match!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings1648 – Losers Kiss Ass! – All Girl Tag Team Action! and witness the poor New Girls face their defeat…..time to pucker up those pretty lips and KISS OUR ASS!!!

Time Limit ~ 9 min

Format ~ MP4

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1648-Loser Kisses Ass - All Girl Tag Team Action

1648-Loser Kisses Ass - All Girls Tag Team Action

1648-Loser Kisses All - All Girl Tag Team Action

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