1646-Cougar vs Cheatah – Mixed Sensual Pro Wrestling

1646-Cougar vs Cheatah – Mixed Sensual Pro Wrestling

Jezabel wants a serious match Cheatah wants to fondle, grope & grind this sexy topless cougar in LGW’s 1646-Cougar vs Cheatah – Mixed Sensual Pro Wrestling

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs EL Cheatah

1646-Cougar vs Cheatah – Mixed Sensual Pro Style Wrestling ~ Jezabel is in the ring and ready to wrestle, until she sees who her opponent is…the ever horny El Cheatah.  They start off with a standard lock up into headlock combination that ends in Cheatah forcing Jezabels mouth straight to his crotch,.  In the battle, he gets her lipstick smeared on his pants right on his dick and that seems to excite him even more. Poor Jezabel, Cheatah seems in quite a playful mood already.  He makes every move a sexual innuendo, infuriating Jezabel who genuinely wants a legit match, not to get turned on by the continuous grinding, groping and fondling of her body!  She makes repeated attempts to outwrestle his sensual wrestling holds, but to no avail.  Even a simple headlock from our sexy cougar turns advantageous as Cheatah uses its to grope and fondle her ass.  Suddenly she forces him to pro style wrestle in a fast paced Lucha Libre spot.  Just when she thinks she is finally going to be victorious and end him with a devastating bronco buster/stinkface combo, but that just turns Cheatah on even more, a ripe cougars juicy ass in his face….oh hell yeah!  He picks her up for an ass jiggling Suplex and starts to seriously grope her, Jezabel being an unwilling victim, even though her treacherous body starts to crave the assault.  But he wants more….pulling her up into a tight squeezing leg spreading, crotch to crotch rubbing BearHug, Cheatah delivers an earth shattering Back Breaker, making Jezabel even more vulnerable and susceptible to his uninhibited passions.  Once again Jezabel falls Damsel in topless fashion to the passion of the Cheatah.  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1646-Cougar vs Cheatah – Mixed Sensual Pro Style Wrestling” and watch as a horny tomcat dominates his sexy cougar.

Time Limit:  14 min

Format:  MP4

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1646-Cougar vs Cheatah - Mixd Sensual Pro Wrestling

1646-Cougar vs Cheatah Mixed Sensual Pro Wrestling


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