1643-GoGo Girl – Mixed Wrestling

1643-GoGo Girl – Mixed Wrestling

Allie, our happy go lucky GoGo dancing wrestler doesn’t realize the extent of her sexiness, but El Cheatah does…uh oh Allie.

Featuring GoGo Girl Allie Parker vs El Cheatah

1643-GoGo Girl – Mixed Wrestling~ Allie, our sweet little airhead is happy with her new GoGo dancer style wrestling gear and loves to feel the tassels swing against her sexy toned tanned belly and hips.  Much to Allies misfortune, El Cheatah, the hornier than a tomcat male wrestler at Lucha Girls Wrestling…..uh oh Allie, Cheatah is a predator and it looks like you are his sensual prey!  And just like a beast in heat, he attacks and dominates poor Allies young, lithe body with punishing moves such as Knee Spreader submissions, Half Crabs, STFs, sexy belly stretching abdominal submissions.  All the while, he shows he personal fetishes in petting and stroking her hair and pretty, yet horrified face.  He is so deep into this heated match, the his love of feet comes into play as he removes her sexy GoGo boots and little black socks before he finally ends Allies punishment with….well lets just say he takes Allies breath away.  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings1642-GoGo Girl – Mixed Wrestling”  and watch this happy go luckys GoGo dancers demise.

Time Limit:  13 min

Format:  MP4

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Both Allie and El Cheatah are available anytime to fulfill all of your wrestling fantasies!  Lucha Girls Wrestlings talent, male and female, strive to bring you the hardest hitting, in your face, hot and sexy brawls to make your wrestling dream a reality.  Be the booker today and email Info@LuchaGirls.com .  Tell us who you want to fight for you, where you want them to fight, and how you envison the match will proceed.  Then sit back, grab a cold one and let Lucha Girls Wrestling bring your fantasy match to life!