1640-Piledriver Punishment – Jezabel vs Rosa

1640-Piledriver Punishment – Jezabel vs Rosa

Jezabel is deceptively excited about introducing Rosa to her signature move…..the piledriver

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs New Girl Rosa

1640-Piledriver Punishment – Jezabel vs Rosa ~ Jezabel loves to break in the new girls (and break their spirit) and Rosa, the new sexy and sassy latina in the Lucha Girls stable is no exception.  Jezabel, quite out of her normal nature,  starts off in a “welcome to the ring” friendly manner, but soon can take no more “innocent” remarks made by the younger, toner and perkier Rosa about her age.  The match starts and Jezabel, still playing the good natured easy going woman, lets Rosa take the lead and she realizes that this little mouthy bitch knows how to wrestle!  Ok, time to change up some tactics and show this little chica who is the boss bitch in the ring!  But Rosa still continues to dominate the older woman with kicks, stomps, headbutts to the turnbuckles and more!  Finally the fierce bitch, we all know and love is awakened in Jezabel and she seems to viciously come to life.  She cuts off the surprised Rosa and goes on the attack with corner kicks, chops, and even cho.kes a bitch in her ongoing fury. Nothing can stop her now, you fuck with Jezabels age and you fuck with the fury of a bitter woman not ready to face her aging reality.  She smacks Rosa with a flying clothesline and does some ground and pound.  Poor Rosa does’nt even know what hit her.  Suddenly Jezabel remembers that Rosa has never had the pleasure of a mind boggling Jeza-driver and proceeds to hit her with not 1, not 2 but 3 skull crushing piledrivers in a row.  Poor Rosa, will she survive to have another match at Lucha Girls?  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1640-Piledriver Punishment” and you be the judge.

Time Limit:  11 min

Format:  MP4

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1640-Piledriver Punishment - Jezabel vs Rosa

Both Jezabel and Rosa are available anytime to fulfill all of your pro wrestling fantasies!  Lucha Girls Wrestlings talent, male and female, strive to bring you the hardest hitting, in your face, hot and sexy brawls to make your wrestling dream a reality.  Be the booker today and email Info@LuchaGirls.com .  Tell us who you want to fight for you, where you want them to fight, and how you envison the match will proceed.  Then sit back, grab a cold one and let Lucha Girls Wrestling bring your fantasy match to life!