1638-Pro Style – Jennifer vs Tab

1638-Pro Style – Jennifer vs Tab

~an aggressive pro style bout, muscular Jennifer dominates BBW Tab all over the ring!

Featuring Muscular Jennifer Thomas vs Voluptuous Tab Jackson

1638-Pro Style – Jennifer vs Tab ~ Straight from the first few seconds of this match, Jennifer aggressively strikes out at Tab.  Both of these girls are professionally trained wrestlers, but tanned and toned Jennifer dominates the sexy pale faced BBW, not giving poor Tab even a chance to get her bearings!  Jennifer is relentless in attacking  Tab, this is a mix between a wrestling match and what appears to be a bitch brawl.  Jennifer is aggressive in body the weakening Tab all over the ring….stomps, slams, punches to the gut, kicks, and some backbreaking submissions….even taking poor Tabs breath away on the ropes.  Does Tab have what it takes to survive in the ring with such a tempestuous woman like Jennifer?  Watch these bathing suit clad barefoot beauties battle it out in Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1638-Pro Style – Jennier vs Tab” now.

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Time Limit 13 min

Format MP4