1631-Backwoods Lift Carry

1631-Backwoods Lift Carry

~ Sassy Jezabel Romo’s mouth gets her in trouble with a local girl in Montreal, who decides Jezabel needs a Lift & Carry scare to shut her up!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Quebec Cutie Maria Veyron

1631-Backwoods Lift Carry  Jezabel is chilling & relaxing in the backwoods and decides it’s time to get a little sassy with the local girl Maria.  Maria does not like this little bitches attitude and decides that maybe a bit of (wom)manhandling is in order. Maria sucker punches Jezabel and knowing that Jezabel does not like heights or being lifted off the ground, has a little bit of fun dominating and scaring Jezabel.  She suddenly picks her up in a Fireman’s Carry and bounces around to mindfuck Jezabel even more…she proceeds to lift and carry her in various positions – ass Smacking, Rib Crushing Bear Hugs (front facing & back) & a leg spreading side lift!  All the while Jezabel screams and begs for release!   She smacks her ass, jerks her body around, swings the dizzy smaller girl then suddenly dropping her to the ground before picking her up and terrorizing her some more!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings 1631-Backwoods Lift Carry ” and watch Jezabel get dominated by the sexy voluptuous Maria

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