1629-Dominating Jezabel

1629-Dominating Jezabel – Mixed Wrestling

Jezabel has a Positive Mental Attitude & ready to wrestle.  Mascara Roja is ready & more than willing to answer her challenge!

Starring Jezabel Romo vs Mascara Roja

1629-Dominating Jezabel – Mixed Wrestling ~ Jezabel is back with a brand new positive attitude and outlook on life!  She is in the ring with one of Lucha Girls bad ass male wrestlers, Mascara Roja and ready to wrestle. The match starts and instantly Mascara Roja lets her have it and takes over from the beginning with a kick to the stomach.  She tries to fight back but he delivers a European uppercut to her chin, putting her sprawled back on the mat!  Things aren’t looking good for our Positive Mental Attitude girl!   She futilely tries to deliver punches to keep him away but the throws her to the corner and slams full force into his tinier opponent.  Time for a neck breaker……and more of a than we thought this sexy cougar can take!  He locks her into a breathtaking camel clutch.  Jezabel barely being able to withstand the pain will not give up!  She tries to crawl away, taking a moment to collect her scattered thoughts, but like a dog in heat, he stays on this bitch ready to dominate her!  He hits her with a Piledriver, Russian Leg Sweep, core stretching Bow & Arrow, Curb Stomps a Bitch and more, but moaning and muttering about Positive Mental Thinking overcoming all pain, she keeps fighting and will not quit.  Realizing this Mascara Roja whips her to the ropes in preparation of the end of Jezabel, when suddenly she fires back and starts punching his face and head with all her might and hitting him with a devastating Hurricanrana, but in the end a Japanese Powerbomb takes all the fight out of our lovely vixen Jezabel Romo.  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling “1629-Dominating Jezabel ” and watch Jezabel take on a big brute of a masked man in a leave it all on the mat Pro Style Mixed Wrestling match!

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TIME LIMIT:  11 min