1628-BatWoman vs SuperWoman – Pro Style Catfight

1628-BatWoman vs SuperWoman – Pro Style Catfight Wrestling

~ Jezabel & Allie try on the suits and feel the power of the Superheroines!

Starring Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker

1628-BatWoman vs SuperWoman starring Jezabel Romo as Batwoman and Allie Parker as SuperWoman is a fun yet competitve match up!  Jezabel being a viscious bitch, fills the ring ropes with kryptonite, thinking that even though she has no real superpowers, she can still weaken Super Woman Allie and make the match more in her favor!  Allie soon discovers that the ropes do in fact weaken her and is determind to keep the batty Jezabel in the center of the ring, where Allie has all the power! She overpowers her in a test of strength and even tries to squeeze the life out of Jezabel with a head crusher!  But Jezabel is always ready to throw Allie to the ropes and make it a more favorable playing field!  This match up contains submissions, scissorholds, belly punching and anything 2 determind superheroines can think of to best the other!  But which woman is the supreme winner Batwoman or Superwoman?  Find out in Lucha Girls Wrestlings 1628-BatWoman vs SuperWoman

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1628-BatWoman vs SUperWoman - Pro Style Catfight

1628-Batwoman vs Superwoman

1628-Batwoman vs Superwoman - Pro Style Catfight

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