1625-Jezabel Molests Jennifer

1625-Jezabel Molests Jennifer – a Hot Girl on Girl Pro Style Femdom Catfight

Jennifer fights for her dignity, Jezabel fights for her pleasure and dominance!

Starring Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas

1625-Jezabel Molests Jennifer starts in the ring with Jezabel is feeling frisky and sassy at the thought of getting Jennifer in the ring and in her clutches once again.  After a quick verbal banter, Jennifer goes to lock up and gets sucker punched by Jezabel’s “trick elbow”.  They lock up again and Jezabel goes for a full tongue invading kiss! Jennifer is beside herself with disbelief.  Jennifer is trying to have a pro style serious match and Jezabel just wants to mind fuck and fondle Jennifer’s supple body.  Soon she wants more and starts to lock Jennifer in different scissorholds and submission moves, simply to grind her body all over Jennifer’s, all the while feeling Jennifer up in a very invasive way. Dominating and forcing Jennifer into the turnbuckles, Jezabel thinks of various ways of getting her hands on Jennifer’s awesomely muscle toned and tanned body.  Jennifer is just trying to get away from this horny cougar,but to no avail…is it possible she may subconsciously like the aggressive attention?  Jennifer decides to finally fight back,but that just excites Jezabel even more.  She gets Jennifer in a folding matchbook pose and starts to grind with a vengeance, Panty clad pussy to panty clad pussy.  As much as Jennifer struggles, Jezabel is proving she is more determined and starts to squeeze in more submissions and wrapping her arms around Jennifer’s neck to soften her feistiness!  This match contains mind fucking, scissorholds, facesits, stinkfaces, belly punching, crotch attacks, fondles and a whole lot of girl on girl grinding.  Download Lucha Girls Wrestlings1625-Jezabel Molests Jennifer” grab a cold drink, sit back and get ready for a hot girl on girl pro style femdom catfight!

TIME LIMIT:  13 min


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