1614R-Luckys Forced Foot Lovin

1614R-Luckys Forced Foot Lovin’

Jezabel once again shows younger, prettier Lucky who is in charge in 1614R-Luckys Forced Foot Lovin Catfight!

Starring Jezabel Romo vs Lucky OShea

1614R-Luckys Forced Foot Lovin featuring 40 Something Jezabel Romo vs 20 Something Lucky OShea

Jezabel and her 20 year younger arch rival Lucky have had many different types of matches, but this is all new territory for both sexy ladies….Forced Foot Worship!!! It starts out as many other matches in the past, but very quickly turns into a foot lovin frenzy as Jezabel easily starts to dominate the younger girl, overpowering her with kicks to the midsection and starts rubbing her feet in Luckys face! From there is just gets worse for poor young Lucky as Jezabel grabs her by the hair and throws her into the corner for more painful foot kicks to her lilly white belly! Jezabel takes turns forcing her beautiful barefeet into Luckys face and her with mind numbing moves like the dreaded Piledriver, Body Splash, Bear Hugs, Leg Drops, Various and more humiliating foot play, even making Lucky smell and suck her toes! She evens smothers her with a Double foot splay across her face. This is by far one of the most humiliating, devastating matches for poor Lucky O’Shea. Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings 1614R-Luckys Forced Foot Lovin” today and watch the forced, yet desired foot play of Jezabel & Lucky and the countless pussy exposing moves of Lucky in her barely there bright green G-String!

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