1613-USA vs Brazil Stripdown

1613-USA vs Brazil Stripdown

~ a New Girl trys out for Lucha Girls and meets Jezabel in the ring

Starring Jezabel Romo (USA) vs Vivi Veracruz (Brazil)

1613-USA vs Brazil Stripdown featuring Lucha Girls owner Jezabel Romo vs New Fighter Vivi Veracruz.  

So I was called and told that we have a brand spanking new girl at Lucha Girls and I, Jezabel, need to give her a tryout and see if she has what it takes to be a Lucha Girl.  I fucking love to break in the new girls, especially when they are tanned, toned & twenty something, and introduce them to my ring.  Sort of like a rude awakening type of introduction into my world of wrestling…its not for everybody, thats for damn sure!  So this little shy smiling chica comes in sporting a Brazilian swimsuit standing all cute and proud, but my intent is to wrestle that cute shy little smirk off her face and let her know what its all about.  Usually I break the girls in with a crotch attack match, but this time, I an feeling a bit sassy myself and decide a stripdown will be this big booty bitch match of choice.  It starts and right away I realize that this bitch is feisty and squirmy….just the way I like them.  Though she isnt as passive as most of the girls who step in my ring, I can still manage her with a series of scissorholds, facesits and one of my favorites, the stinkface, my ass her face!!  But what she seems to forget is this is a Stripdown , which means the gear comes off of the loser.  I proceed to get the top pulled down exposing her perky, dark nippled titties and it doesn’t even fucking faze her.  I can tell this one is used to being topless so I figure I can think of other ways to humiliate her and pull the rest of her cute Brazilian one piece off, and what does the bitch do?  She has the breasticular fortitude to attack me and somehow the wily little bitch gets my suit off as well and we are only about 5 minutes into this match!! What the Fuck?? It was supposed to be a loser gets stripped, not a nude wrestling match!  Ok, you want to play like this you little puta?  I can play dirty too…..full on pussy in your face and stinkface moves are needed in this match.  She just keeps coming, she just won’t quit.  I am going to have to slow her down and tire her out before she gets the best of me and squeeze her in a sweet little headscissor, now I can take control again and finish this little bitch!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings 1613-USA vs Brazil Stripdown ” and watch all the hot nude wrestling action!

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