1611-Im The Champ Bitch – Mixed Wrestling

1611-Im the Champ Bitch – Mixed Wrestling

~  Mixed Wrestling

Adult Film Star Trina Michaels vs The Masked Man

1611-Im the Champ Bitch – Mixed Wrestling is perfect for man vs woman fans everywhere!  Starring former Adult Film Star Trina Michaels, who we find in a cute purple bra and panty set already in the ring awaiting her match.  In the ring to wrestling her is the infamous Masked Man of Lucha Girls Wrestling!  From the beginning Masked Man is fed up with this sassy lil chica who doesn’t even have the decency to wear proper wrestling attire!  From the moment the match starts, Masked Man is all over Trina, striking with body shots from all angles yelling “Who is the Champ Bitch?”  Trina, is tougher than she looks as she laughs in his face, stating she has had plenty of better men then him and she is not fearful of one lone masked man!  Suddenly he lifts her and delivers a awesome looking back breaker, we are surprised her bodacious tits didnt fall out of her bra for God sakes!  He then proceeds to manhandle Trina into various submissions and stretches in attempts to make her admit he is the champ…..but to no avail.  He takes a turn at throwing her all over the ring and stretches her in ways never seen before in mixed wrestling leaving her weakened and breathless, but she still has a bit of breasticular fortitude and won’t say the coveted words, You are the champ to an ever growing frustrated Masked Man.  How much more of this body breaking mixed wrestling can this former porn star take?  Does she finally say the Masked Mans desired words and give up or does she quit and give in without uttering another word?  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1611-Im the Champ Bitch – Mixed Wrestling” and find out juts how much Trina can take from this particular man!

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