1610-Mishandling of Mutiny – Crotch Attack!

1610-Mishandling of Mutiny – Crotch Attack!

~ Lingerie clad, crotch attack catfight!

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny

Mishandling of Mutiny, is a lingerie clad catfight between our 2 of the most popular Lucha Girls,bitch with attitude Latina Jezabel Romo and and that manipulative Canadian cunt Mutiny! Its always a party when these 2 enter the ring and this match is no different! Mutiny is clad in a sexy blue and black lace bra & panty set, lying in the ring stretching, when in walks a foul mooded Jezabel Romo, clad in a saucy little pink bra and panty set. Jezabel demands to know why Mutiny is working out in lingerie,(thinking this little slut is waiting for any number of men to & lie too) and to tell Mutiny that her opponent flaked and she, Jezabel will be fighting Mutiny. Mutiny proceeds to bitch and complain that she had to wait for Jezabel to have her “California Chill Time” and that her Quebec flag is hidden in the corner and demands more respect for herself and her country God Damnit! Jezabel is getting really perturbed that this big assed bitch always has to be the center of attention!! The fight starts as Mutiny decides to shove Jezabel, which of course infuriates the Latina cougar. Who delivers a swift kick in the pussy on the biggest cunt of Quebec! Ding Ding, this catfight has begun! Unfortunately for Mutiny, Jezabel loves a good old fashioned crotch match and pulls all the tricks out on poor Mutiny’s delicate pussy, not that it hasnt been pounded who knows how many in more ways than one! Though by the sounds of things, we can’t tell if this slut loves or hates the grabs, kicks, fondles, head butts, bites and slaps to her nether region. Even taking Mutiny on a ring rope ride of her life! Jezabel demands she spread her legs, to which of course, Mutiny willingly obliges. Jezabel coaxes Mutiny’s luscious body into various crotch grabbing and revealing submissions, but Mutiny just won’t quit and even starts laughing at various time thruout, it seems as long as she is getting all the attention, she loves a good ! Even when Jezabel applies the Camel Toe Clutch, Mutiny just keeps going, like any good whore on payday. This match is . Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling’s “Mishandling of Mutiny – Crotch Attack Match” and watch the bullying begin!!

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