1584-Naked Chick Fight – Jezabel vs Savannah Fox

1584-Naked Chick Fight – Jezabel vs Savannah Fox

feat Jezabel Romo vs Savannah Fox

Jezabel is trying to be more apPROpriate in her ring attire, but already confirmed what she thought was a lingerie catfight vs some chica named Savannah Fox. This sexy sassy girl saunters in and proceeds to remove her tiny bikini top, stating “I am tired of all these clothes” (not that she has much on) and saucily tells Jezabel that she is “too scared” to fight in the nude.  Now this is a predicament for Jezabel as she is trying to be more respectable and classy, but she has never backed down from a challenge and she isnt going to funking start now!  A nude catfight Savannah wants, than that is exactly what she will get!  Jezabel strips down and finds her courage and the match is on!  Both girls want this victory but only one has enough breasticular fortitude to win it!  This match contains hair pulls, scissorholds, submissions, tits a-bouncin’, pussy lips displayin’ and whatever else these sexy naked females can think of to get this voluptuous victory.  Download LGW’s “1584-Naked Chick Fights – Jezabel vs Savannah Fox” and watch all the birthday suit bashing these girls can do!

Time Limit ~ 10 min                     Format ~ MP4

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