1567-Rumble in the Ring – Mixed Wrestling Just Released!!!

Lucha Girls is excited to release the latest hot mixed wrestling action starring Jennifer Thomas battling it out versus the Masked Man in 1567-Rumble in the Ring – Mixed Wrestling!!!  Check it out….

1567-Rumble in the Ring – Mixed Wrestling

feat Jennifer Thomas vs Masked Man

Sexy muscular beauty Jennifer Thomas is a no nonsense, in your face type of fighter.  She is not known for backing down from any challenge, male or female. Masked Man is more of a women in the ring hating, they belong in his bed or in the kitchen variety of man beast.  He would just as soon reign supreme in what he thinks is the weaker sex. Jennifer is sickened by the stories she has heard of this man’s in the ring against the fairer sex and is determined to fight and domi.nate this jackass.  From the moment they step in the ring they are at each other’s throats spouting off words of disgust and trying to get the upper hand on their opponent. The match begins and already Masked Man is proving what a dirty wrestler he is and cheapshots Jennifer, rapidly overpowering her.  But she knows what to expect in this match and is ready for this brute! But for all her muscles and sexiness, she proves to be no match for the Masked Man and his evil gripping and squeezing of her neck and body. He easily lifts and slams her in various pro moves. Jennifer fights back with all her might.  She is not used to being the weaker fighter in her matches and gives almost as good of a fight as the Masked Man. But is it enough to defeat him in this fight to the finish? Does Jennifer win against this masked beast like all the other men who have stepped in the ring with her, or does the Masked Man do the unthinkable and claim victory over our muscle clad beauty?  Download LGW’s “1567-Rumble in the Ring – Mixed Wrestling” and find out.

Time Limit ~ 11 min                      Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters