1537-A Lesson in Belly Bashing

Greeting Lucha Girls Fans & Friends!

For this evenings fight, we bring your old school mentality Delilah Doom versus new school self entitlement attitude Madison Swan in a beautifully belly bashing match! With a cameo by Jezabel Romo who thinks both girls need a lesson in respect in 1537-A Lesson in Belly – Female Wrestling!

1537-A Lesson in Belly – Female Wrestling

Delilah Doom vs Madison Swan – with appearance by Jezabel Romo

Delilah does not like or understand the self entitlement of the new wrestlers of today.  She was brought up in the wrestling business the traditional respectful way. Madison on the other hand has a whole different mentality of wrestling and does not agree with traditional wrestling (or its attire for that matter)  Delilah decides to teach this new girl a lesson in belly thinking she can break this skinny, thin as a reed chica with a belly bashing. Madison soon proves tougher than she looks as she continues to take the abuse.  But there is one tough bitch who thinks that Delilah is going to soft on this new girl and decides to physically interrupt this math and hand out a belly of her own to not just Madison but to poor Delilah as well. She goes after each girls soft tender exposed bellies with a viciousness that only Jezabel can do.  She hits them full force with punches, slaps, kicks, stomps and even brings in foreign objects like a leather whip and a fucking crutch to brutalize these girls render flesh! Download LGW’s 1537-A Lesson in Belly – Female Wrestling and watch all the belly ravishing action!

Time Limit ~ 18 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters