1497-Jokes on You Bitch just released!!!

Hello Lucha Girls World!

We have a new release just for you! We caught this crazy match in the locker room between Veteran cougar Jezabel Romo and the sexy blonde Bae Bully Heather Monroe. This is a catty pro style match in 1497-Jokes on You Bitch – Female Pro Wrestling. Check it out!

1497-Jokes on You … Bitch!

Heather Monroe vs Jezabel “the Joke” Romo

Jezabel Romo and Heather Monroe are in the locker room at a wrestling show, each girl getting ready for her own match.  Jezabel is hitting the weights and Blonde Bomb Bae Heather Monroe is hitting the selfie mirror pretty damn hard too. Jezabel can’t help but overhear Heather talking to herself stating that she is the best, the prettiest and the most sought after female wrestler on the circuit today.  Jezabel has heard enough of this arrogance, conceit, self importance haughtiness…whatever the fuck you want to call, Jezabel is in disbelief and calls Heather out on it. She has the audacity to call Heather a Stuck up Bitch, much to Heathers dismay. Heather has her own opinion of Jezabel and tells her that she is nothing but a joke of the wrestler world, nothing but a little pissant loser.  She starts to crack under the insults and doubts herself to the point of losing her identity…..the girls are in the ring and the moment Jezabel turns around Heather laughs in her mentally unstable face. Jezabel in trying to channel her inner ass kicker, parodies the Joker and his nonchalant identity of not letting insults hurt her. They go back and forth with hold to hold and chain wrestling, each sizing up her nemesis’ strengths and weaknesses but Jezabel, known to fight dirty, just won’t let Heather get the upper hand.  She low blows Heather and takes advantage of the entitled blonde while she tries to recover. Jezabel gains supremacy over her blonde haired bully and starts her own type of beat down, she busts her own moves out and hits Heather with everything she’s got, including a devastating DDT and a head banging piledriver…anything to make Heather and insults go away. Do you think Jezabel has what it takes to shut her up for good? Does Heather make the ultimate comeback and bully Jezabel the Joke some more? Find out in LGW’s 1497-Jokes On You Bitch – Female Pro Wrestling!

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters