1475-The Slaying of Saucy Aussie – Female Pro Wrestling

Hello Wrestling Fans, 

You have asked for more of the luscious Saucy Aussie Simone Sherie and now you have her, well actually Jezabel has her and is ready to beat some humility in this self absorbed Aussie in LGWs 1475-The Slaying of Saucy Aussie – Female Pro Style

1475-The Slaying of Saucy Aussie – Female Pro Wrestling

Simone Sherie vs Jezabel Romo

If there is one thing Jezabel can’t stand,its self absorbed female wrestlers who think they are the worlds gift to wrestling!  It just annoys the fuck out of our seasoned cougar! But then she overhears the new girl Saucy Aussie aka Simone Sherie going on and on about how beautiful she is and how she used to be Miss Australia….ah it must be nice to be so in love with yourself, Jezabel thinks.  She confronts the younger (and prettier) fighter and starts to mockingly put her in her place. Simone shallowy doesn’t have a clue that she is pissing off the wrong woman. Jezabel can only take so much of the Saucy Aussie self appreciation moment and decides that now is as good as time as any to humle this bitch!  She goes on the attack and starts to hand this little Australian tart quite the beat down! Jezabel takes out all of her frustration on the blonde bombshell with back breakers, camel clutches, bronco busters, a mexican surfboard and even a piledriver to try and beat some humility into this bold broad! Simone tries to fight back physically and verbally but to no avail…Jezabel is a bitch bent on a beat down and SImone is in her sights!  If you like watching a stuck up girl get her comeuppance than you really need to download LGW’s 1475-The Slaying of Saucy Aussie – Female Pro Style now!!

Time Limit ~ 11 min Format ~ MP4

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