1463-Let Me Strip You Down – Strip to Nude Catfight

Hello Catfight Fans!

Carmen is back and ready to accept Vivi’s strip to nude wrestling challenge.  Both girls love to be naked and both love to beat down and claim victory over the other and this match is no different!  Its sexy, its saucy, its a stripdown good time in LGW’s 1463-Let Me Strip You Down – Strip to Nude Catfight!

1463-Let Me Strip You Down – Strip to Nude Catfight

Carmen Valentina vs Vivi Veracruz

Carmen and Vivi just can’t seem to get along!  Both girls are known for the sexy, sassy and sensual attitudes and both love to be naked!  But what they love even more is to get the best and reign supreme over the other.  In this case, Vivi being the local girl, feels that Carmen is just a visitor in her ring.  Carmen feels quite at home in the Lucha Girls ring, being a repeated returning talent and one of the more popular catfighters in the LGW ring.  Vivi, being the veteran decides to challenge this porn bitch to a match, a special stipulation match.  Vivi wants a nude catfight!  Carmen excitedly agrees and can’t wait to strip this exotic big booty bitches clothes right off.  Vivi feels the same about the sultry, sweet voiced Carmen. This match has a bit of everything you would want in a catfight – forced wedgies, belly punching, titty grabbing, ass smacking, scissorholds and of course the coveted strip this bitch to full nude.  If you love watching sexy big bottomed girls fight and get forced strip than this is the match for you!  Download LGW’ 1463-Let Me Strip You Down – Strip to Nude Catfight and watch all the jiggly, titty bouncing, ass shaking action!

Time Limit ~ 12 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters