1595R-Facesittin’ Floozies – You Pick the Winner – Jezabel WIns!

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1595R-Facesittin’ Floozies – You Pick the Winner – Jezabel Wins!

featuring Sexy Cougar Jezabel Romo vs Sassy Irish Lass Lucky OShea
LENGTH: 11 mins



1595R-Facesittin’ Floozies – You Pick the Winner – Jezabel Wins!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Lucky OShea

featuring Sexy Cougar Jezabel Romo vs Sassy Irish Lass Lucky OShea ~ Jezabel, the older woman, has alot of history in the Lucha Girls ring versus Sexy Lil Lucky, a girl 20 years younger than Jezabel. They have gone toe to toe in a variety of matches but today, Jezabel wants her self righteous revenge! Lucky recently humiliated her with a pantyless bare pussied facesit pin (see Roommate Wars – Stripdown Catfight ) and insulted her about being too fat in her new bikini, stealing it off her dreamless slumbering laid out body. Today is Jezabels turn to humiliate the little chit! They enter the ring, Lucky in a pair of silky suntan colored pantyhose and Jezabel clad in a black sensual pair of fishnets, ready to the makeup off each others pretty face! They attack each other with a startling aggression, both girls wanting to get the upper hand, or in this case the upper crotch upon each girls face! For the most part, it seems that Jezabel is dominating the smaller girl. But Lucky, being the fiery little redhead screeching banshee that she is, just wont give up. She wiggles her sexy way out of every facesit! They viciously go after each others clothing, Jezabel ripping the pantyhose and Lucky shredding the fishnets, as each girl attempts to be brutally victorious over the other! Finally Jezabel has had enough and beats Lucky in the corner turnbuckles and pussy kicks, belly punches and foot to throat , before giving her the final humiliation! She climbs the ropes, shoving Lucky’s face down on the top turnbuckle and proceeds to give the best top turnbuckle facesitting pussy smothering humiliation to the younger girl! But she is not finished with her quite yet…Jezabel wickedly lets Lucky fall to the mat and gives her another tight thigh squeezing facesitting headscissor combination, topped off with a ass to face full contact stinkface!!! Poor Lucky will never be the same when she gains her wits back! Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling ” 1595R-Facesittin Floozies – Pick the Winner – Jezabel Wins!” and watch all the crotch to face action!


LENGTH: 11 mins               FORMAT: WMV

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