1709-Maidservice Mayhem – Mixed Wrestling

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1709-Maidservice Mayhem – Mixed Wrestling

featuring Jennifer Thomas vs Joey The Man

Time Limit ~ 10 min

Format ~ MP4


1709-Maidservice Mayhem – Mixed Wrestling

Featuring Jennifer Thomas vs Joey The Man

Jennifer has a side gig, she cleans houses to make extra money and this is a new client so she wants to be professional and do a damn good job!  Joey, the homeowner loves to sit and watch this sexy muscular cleaning wench do her job!  She is doing her best to ignore him, but suddenly he develops a thirst. Instead of being a gentleman, he grabs her ass and calls her Sweetcheeks!  Oh hell no, Jennifer will not put up with this type of insult to her feminine person, not is this day and age of womens equality!  She goes on the attack and this turns into quite a living room brawl!  She grabs him by the arm and proceeds to twist it painfully telling not to ever touch her ass again and slaps his good looking yet arrogant face.  Now he is pissed and attacks Maid Jennifer from behind clenching her in quite a reverse bearhug.  The fight is on and there can only be one winner…….does Joey the Man stay dominate with his brute strength or does Jennifer use her powerfully muscular sexy body to squeeze him from head to toe?  Download Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1709-Maidservice Mayhem – Mixed Wrestling” and find out for yourself!

Time Limit ~ 10 min              Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters