1609-Layla Learns Stinkface

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1609-Layla Learns Stinkface

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Luscious Layla
LENGTH: 12 mins



1609-Layla Learns Stinkface

~ Sassy & Sexy Layla steps into the ring today & gets a rude ass awakening when Jezabel shows her all about STINKFACES!!!

Starring Jezabel Romo vs Luscious Layla

1609-Layla Learns Stinkface,  her very first introduction in the fetish world of Stinkfaces!!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Luscious Layla ~ Jezabel and Layla meet in the ring and the first thing you notice is the fact that both of them are (un)dressed in just a teeny tiny little thong…..thats it.  Jezabel is in a good mood and feelin a little vindictive.  She hates stepping in the ring, near naked with younger,prettier and more toned girls, but she is a fighter first, diva second.  She sassily starts mocking Layla and tells her point blank that its time for Layla to learn about a particular move that her fans love to see……the dreaded, humiliating stinkface.  Cluelessly Layla agrees and Jezabel goes on the attack!  She nails Layla immediately with a standing stinkface and then throws her to the ground for a more traditional positioning, all the while Layla screams out in disgust!  Layla tries to launch her own attack and plant her cute lil stinker on Jezabels face…to no avail, it just infuriates the older woman.  Who gets the upperhand swiftly and gives poor Layla a Cameltoe Clutch and various facesits and stinkfaces.  This match is full of energy as each girl just won’t give up or give in gracefully.  Jezabel has her hands full with this one, and has to do what she can just to subdue the sexy titty bouncing redhead.  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1609-Layla Learns Stinkface” today and watch the ass to face mayhem ensue!

TIME LIMIT:  12 min










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