1589-Rude Awakening – Mixed Wrestling

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1589-Rude Awakening – Maledom Mixed Wrestling

Featuring Mutiny vs Masked Man

Time Limit ~ 5 min

Format ~ MP4


1589-Rude Awakening – Male dom Mixed Wrestling

Featuring Mutiny vs Masked Man

Canadian cocktease Mutiny is back and is up to old tricks of cock teasing her way thru the US once again.  This time though she may have teased the wrong horny man.  Some guys you can just tease, others want more…such is the case with the Masked Man.  This horny perverse masked brute is tired of being cock teased and left blue balled by this slut and now he is getting his revenge and into her hotel room bed.  Time for a rude awakening for this stupid teasing slut. This time no one will get in his way of getting to the sleeping beauty!  She awakens to this overpowering man atop her, but he doesn’t just want to fuck her, her wants to play with her, her and have his male dom way with her first.  She is damn near left breathless before he decides it’s time to turn the camera off and have his way with her.  She may be surprised, but just like this slutty Canadian, she doesn’t fight back much, just takes the attention of this mad man.  Download LGW’s “1589-Rude Awakening – Male dom Mixed Wrestling” and watch the foreplay between the slut who teases and the man who craves more!

Time Limit ~ 5 min                     Format ~ MP4

All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters